Former Students

Here are links to a few former students' sites with fresh and updated content:

Chris Campbell

Jim Chelius

Ed Nichols

Mary Rose

Sarah Rivero

Zachary Trychel


And I recently re-designed my own portfolio
website, so take a look:

Andrew Ross


A Web Design Home for Art Students

Pixel Weavers is a web design community developed for students from Andrew Ross's Web Design I courses in the Art Department of Florida State University. This site serves as a resource to students learning web design and as an ongoing home for sharing the web pages they create.

Included in this site are web pages by the many Members of Pixel Weavers, both current and former Web Design I students as well as other interested FSU art and design students. I have included a Resources page for more information about the Web I course or learning and improving web design in general, links to Projects created within the Web I course, a Calendar of art-related events of interest, and informative Links.

Enjoy! And please email me any feedback about the course or the work of these students.