Creamy Chicken Egg Drop Ramen
(Non-Soup) Noodles with Peas

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ingredients - ramen, peas, egg



  1. cooking stepsIn a 2-quart pot, bring water and frozen peas to a boil. While waiting for boil, crush Ramen Noodles while still in packet (while being careful not to burst package). Open one side of outer package and remove inner "flavor packet" -- set aside.
  2. Once water and peas are boiling, add Ramen Noodles, stir, and reduce heat to medium. Continue medium-boiling for 3 minutes. While cooking noodles/peas for 3 minutes, in a mug or glass, beat egg with fork to blend yolk and white.
  3. Ding! When the 3 minutes are up, turn the heat back up to high and slowly stir in the whipped egg (a thin stream is ideal).
  4. Keep stirring and wait for the mixture to return to a rapid boil.
  5. Remove from heat and pour into a strainer to eliminate the extra water.
  6. Let noodle, peas, egg mixture fully drain, then empty strained noodles, peas, and egg into a bowl; mix in "Creamy Chicken" flavor packet; and enjoy!!!







finished dish






recipe and images by Andrew Ross

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